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area de aplicação

A lft-g é uma equipe liderada por profissionais que atuam na indústria de plásticos há quase 20 anos. Somos especializados em design, pesquisa e desenvolvimento, fibra de vidro longa sob medida para os clientes; fibra de carbono longa; fibra de vidro longa e longa fibra de carbono; compósito de fibra especial. materiais podem ser amplamente utilizados na indústria aeroespacial, automotiva, militar; eletrodomésticos;

area de aplicação
  • The performance of ABS after fiber addition

    The performance of ABS after fiber addition

    Glass fiber is a very common material in the chemical industry, often used to make reinforced plastics or reinforced rubber. Because of its own temperature resistance, flame retardant, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, high tensile strength, good electrical insulation characteristics, master material after adding glass fiber can significantly improve the heat resistance and mechanical strength of the material. ABS and glass fiber increase the thermal deformation temperature and mechanical properties of the product, and reduce the shrinkage rate of molding and linear expansion coefficient. It is often used to manufacture products requiring higher dimensional accuracy. ABS material is a kind of "tough, hard and rigid" material with easy access to raw materials, good comprehensive performance, cheap price and wide use. It has good rigidity, hardness and processing fluidity. In machinery, electrical, textile, automobile, aircraft, ships and other manufacturing industry and chemical industry has been widely used. On the other hand, the thermal deformation temperature of ABS resin is low, easy to burn, and the heat resistance of ABS resin is also much different from that of other materials. How to improve the performance of ABS material to meet the needs of industry has become a concern of many people. Although the impact strength of ABS decreases obviously compared with that of pure ABS after adding glass fiber, the rigidity, heat resistance and dimensional stability of ABS are significantly improved. In addition, ABS plus glass fiber is extremely cost-effective, which can meet the needs of producers while reducing production costs. Characteristics of LFT plastic modified ABS: 1, heat resistance up to 90-110℃, good gloss, high dimensional stability, high impact strength; 2, good flame retardant, high flow, high impact, good heat resistance, weather resistance, no spray frost; 3, high rigidity, low shrinkage, creep resistance, easy processing. Main application fields of LFT plastic modified ABS: 1, auto parts: instrument panel, fender, interior parts, lights, rearview mirror, car audio; 2. Electronic and electrical parts: IT equipment, OA equipment shell, converter, electric socket, etc.; 3, electronic appliances: switch, switch, controller, monitor, display housing, electrical housing, electrical bracket; 4, household appliances: electrical parts, electric control box Fujian Xiamen Changfeng New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a modified plastic production enterprise, specializing in the production of modified PP, PA, PBT, ABS, PA6 and other series of engineering plastic products. The reinforced PP fiber material developed by the company has the characteristics of low density, good chemical resistance, low price and excellent comprehensive performance. And the products have passed the quality management system certification, in line with RoHs standards, widely used in lighting, home appliances, communications, electronic appliances, building mat...

  • Glass fiber reinforced PA66 shines brightly on the hair dryer

    Glass fiber reinforced PA66 shines brightly on the hair dryer

    These days, the hair dryer world unexpectedly rolled up. Before the high-end route of Dyson, after the civilian route of millet. In all peaceful markets, all kinds of domestic hair dryer brands suddenly jumped out to seize the Dyson market and suppress the price of Xiaomi. In an instant, all kinds of hair dryers into the public eye. According to statistics, in the first half of 2021, the retail sales of hair dryer in China was 2.76 billion yuan, up 41.3% year on year, and the retail sales were 13.81 million units, up 40.9% year on year. With the development of 5G, Chinese hair dryer has entered the next generation, and people's demand for a personalized hair dryer is also increasing. At the same time, glass fiber reinforced nylon has quietly become the star material of hair dryer shell, and become the landmark material of the next generation of high-end hair dryer. Glass fiber reinforced PA66 is commonly used in the mouthpiece of high-quality hair dryers to increase strength and heat capacity. However, as the function of the hair dryer becomes more and more demanding, ABS as the main material of the shell is gradually replaced by glass fiber reinforced PA66. At present, the main factors affecting the preparation of high performance glass fiber reinforced PA66 composites include the length of glass fiber, the surface treatment of glass fiber and its retention length in the matrix. So let's take a look at the influencing factors of glass fiber reinforced PA66 production 1. The length of glass fiber The length of fiber is one of the main factors to determine the fiber reinforced composite. In ordinary short fiber reinforced thermoplastics, the fiber length is only (0.2~0.6) mm, so that when the material is damaged by force, because of the short length of the fiber, so that its strength is basically not used, and the purpose of using fiber reinforced nylon is to use the high rigidity and high strength of the fiber to improve the mechanical properties of nylon, So fiber length plays an important role in mechanical properties of products. Compared with short glass fiber reinforced nylon, the modulus, strength, creep resistance, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance of long glass fiber reinforced nylon have been improved, and its application in automobile, electrical appliances, machinery and military industry has been expanded. 2. Surface treatment of glass fiber The binding force between glass fiber and matrix is another important factor affecting the mechanical properties of composite materials. Glass fiber reinforced polymers have good properties only when effective interfacial bonding is formed. For glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin or polar thermoplastic resin composites, the surface of glass fiber can be treated with coupling agent to form chemical bond between resin and glass fiber surface, so as to obtain effective interfacial bonding. 3. Retention length of glass fiber in nylon matrix People have d...

  • How strong carbon fiber composites are for human use

    How strong carbon fiber composites are for human use

    Carbon fiber composite material, also known as carbon fiber reinforced plastic, has excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. It has been widely used in industrial production, sports and outdoor, medical equipment and other fields. It has good compatibility with human body and can be used as artificial bone, joint, dental root canal post and other implants. Carbon fiber composites are safe and reliable in civil applications. Carbon fiber vs. carbon fiber composite In real life, many people tend to confuse the concept of carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite materials. Carbon fiber is not used directly in aerospace and civil fields, but carbon fiber composite materials. Carbon fiber composites, also known as carbon fiber reinforced plastics, are composed of carbon fiber and resin matrix. So outside of the manufacturing process, people don't touch carbon fiber at all. They touch a resin matrix, which is no different from common plastic products. Carbon fiber composites are widely used Carbon fiber composites have been widely used in civil fields, and their popularity in foreign markets is far greater than that in China. Industrial production Carbon fiber composites are widely used in various corrosion resistant pipe containers, aircraft, ships and vehicle structural parts in industrial production. Outdoor sports Carbon fiber composites are also widely used in outdoor sports products such as badminton rackets, tennis rackets, fishing rods, bicycles and tents. Medical apparatus and equipment In the field of medical instruments, it is used to make mobile platform for X-ray examination instrument by its full transmission of X-ray. Using CFRP's excellent mechanical properties, it has been used in the manufacture of orthopedic and organ transplantation and other medical devices, as well as the manufacture of prosthetics, orthotics and other rehabilitation products. Carbon fiber composites are used extensively in the human body At present, some companies have developed artificial bones and joints made of carbon fiber composite materials. The bending strength of this artificial bone is closer to that of real human bone than that of artificial bone made of other biological materials, which is of great significance to orthopedic medicine. The wear resistance of the artificial joint made of it at the movable joint is also higher than that of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene and metal products. Better biocompatibility At present, carbon fiber composites have been widely used in bone internal fixation plate, bone filler, hip stalk, implant tooth root, skull repair materials and artificial heart materials. The bending strength of human bones is about 100Mpa, the bending modulus is 7~20Gpa, the tensile strength is about 150Mpa, and the tensile modulus is about 20Gpa. The bending strength of carbon fiber composites is about 89Mpa, the bending modulus is 27Gpa, the tensile strength is about 43Mpa and the tensile modulus is about 24Gpa, whic...

  • "Car lightweight"! Using long glass fiber reinforced PP material

    With the continuous increase of car ownership in the world, a series of problems such as energy shortage and environmental pollution are becoming increasingly prominent. Energy saving and environmental protection have become the two major problems to be solved in the world automobile industry. In order to deal with these problems, the world has introduced strict fuel consumption and emission standards for passenger vehicles. Facing the great challenge of energy saving and emission reduction, how to reduce the energy consumption of automobiles and alleviate the environmental pollution caused by them has become a difficult problem that the automobile industry must solve. As one of the key technologies to solve this problem, "automobile lightweight" is an important development direction of modern automobile technology. Automotive lightweight can not only reduce the load of power and powertrain, improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle, effectively reduce the braking distance, but also significantly improve the vehicle ride stability and comfort. In addition, the lightweight design of the body has important practical significance to improve the economy, environmental protection and power performance of the vehicle. Authoritative research shows that if the vehicle mass is reduced by 10%, its fuel efficiency can be increased by 6% ~ 8%; When the vehicle mass is reduced by 100kg, the fuel consumption of 100 km can be reduced by 0.3 ~ 0.6L correspondingly, and the carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by about 8 ~ 11g. At present, one of the important ways of automobile body lightweight is to use lightweight and efficient composite parts. Composite material is a new material which is prepared by two or more different materials through physical or chemical means and has better properties than its own composition material. All kinds of materials learn from each other in performance, produce synergistic effect, so that the final composite material's comprehensive performance is better than the original composition materials and meet various requirements. Long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene composite (PP composite), as a typical thermoplastic composite, has the advantages of good toughness, high strength, low density, long storage life, recycling and low price. Long glass fiber reinforced PP product is a modified plastic material. The material is usually 12 mm or 25 mm in length and about 3 mm in diameter of columnar particles. In this particle, the glass fiber has the same length as the particle, the content of the glass fiber can vary from 20 to 70 percent, and the color of the particle can be matched according to the customer's requirements. The particle can be used in injection and molding processes, and can be used in the production of structural or semi-structural parts. Applications include automotive, construction, home appliances, power tools, and so on. Applications in the automotive industry: front end frame, body door module, dashbo...

Produtos quentes

A equipe do lft-g® possui um conhecimento combinado de 20 anos de composição, nossos engenheiros de projeto, materiais e processos estão sempre acessíveis para responder às suas perguntas e nosso parceiro estará presente para ajudá-lo em todo o ciclo de vida do produto.

Grânulos termoplásticos de fibra longa de poliuretano TPU

TPU LGF30 Fibra Longa Termoplástica TPU LGF Densidade e TDS

Nome do produto: TPU LGF30; Uretano termoplástico de preenchimento de fibra de vidro; Poliuretano LGF
Forma: comprimento de cerca de 12 mm, alta resistência, alta tenacidade
Vantagem: Produto com mais de 20 anos de experiência em plástico reforçado com fibra.
PA66 Grânulos de plástico reforçado com fibra de vidro longa

LFT PA66 GF30 Nylon 66 Fill Fibra de vidro longa 30% Alta Mecânica Materiais

Nome do Produto: PA66 LGF30, Plástico Reforçado com Fibra de Nylon 66, Composto de Poliamida 66

Forma: Comprimento de cerca de 12 mm, alta resistência, alta tenacidade
Vantagem: Produto com mais de 20 anos de experiência em plástico reforçado com fibra.

LFT PP LGF30 Plástico reforçado com fibra para peças de plástico coloridas

LFT homopolímero PP fibra de vidro longa 30% polipropileno materiais

Nome do Produto: Homopolímero LGF30, plástico reforçado com fibra longa de polipropileno, termoplástico de fibra longa PP
Forma: Comprimento de cerca de 12 mm, alta resistência, alta tenacidade
Vantagem: Produto com mais de 20 anos de experiência em plástico reforçado com fibra.

HDPE Preencher fibra de vidro longa 50%

Composto de 50% de fibra de vidro de preenchimento de polietileno de alta densidade LFT

Nome do Produto: HDPE LGF50, preenchimento de plástico reforçado com fibra de vidro HDPE

Forma: resistência à orrosão, resistência à compressão, resistência ao empenamento
Vantagem: Alta qualidade e baixo custo
Grânulos compostos reforçados com fibra de vidro longa LFT nylon12

LFT nylon GF40 poliamida LGF 40% composto para autopeças

nome do produto: fibra de vidro longa poliamida12 40% composto , termoplástico de fibra longa de nylon

certificado: SGS, 16949 sistema certificado,msds,e assim por diante.

PPS LGF pellets termoplásticos reforçados com fibra de vidro longa

LFT termoplástico de fibra longa PPS LGF40% composto

nome do produto: fibra de vidro longa 40% de preenchimento pps

comprimento: cerca de 12mm

aplicação:autopeças, componentes de energia e outras peças plásticas

últimas notícias

compartilhar com você parte do desenvolvimento de novos produtos da nossa fábrica, participação em fóruns do setor, treinamento, exibições e compartilhamento com exemplos de fóruns de alto nível patrocinados pela indústria.

  • 01-13


    LFT in Russia International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber 2023

    2023 Russia International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber Time: January 24-27, 2023 Venue: Expocentr Exhibition Center, Moscow Holding cycle: once a year Scope of exhibits: Plastics and rubber industry machinery and equipment: preprocessing, recycling machinery and equipment, processing machinery and equipment, post-processing machinery, modification, decoration, printing and marking machinery and equipment, welding machines, molds, auxiliary equipment, measuring, control and testing equipment, components; Raw materials and auxiliary materials; Plastics and rubber production; Logistics: Material handling in the plastics and rubber industry; For services to the Plastics and rubber industry. Introduction of the exhibition: The Russian International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition (RUPLASTIC) is held annually. Mechanical engineers, raw material producers, plastic and rubber product producers, logistics companies and service providers all displayed their product ranges. Official organizations from Germany, Italy, China, Australia, Taiwan, France and Portugal all participated in the exhibition. The Russian International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition provides the ideal platform. Russia plans to radically modernize its infrastructure in the area of waste management in the coming years, so it is developing into a very promising market in this area. How to find us Company name: XIAMEN LFT COMPOSITE PLASTIC CO.,LTD Stand-No.: FOA66 Contact person: Cason Wu/CandyHu Phone:  +86-13950095707 Fax: +86-592-7277995 e-mail: Candyhu@lfrtplastic.com Sincerely waiting for your coming, we will have a chance to contact in person!

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  • 01-09


    Office Closed Notice for CNY Holiday

    Dear Customers, Please note that our company will be closed for the Chinese New Year celebration from 16/JAN 2023(Mon) until 29/JAN 2023(Sun). Normal business will resume on 30/JAN 2023(Mon). Do drop us an email at sale02@lfrtplastic.com if you have urgent matters. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you very much. Wallis

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  • 02-11


    começamos a trabalhar no nono dia do primeiro mês lunar

    no nono dia do primeiro mês lunar, no budismo chinês, é a casa do deus da riqueza. aqueles que acreditam no budismo rezarão ao deus da riqueza neste dia para rezar pela proteção do deus da riqueza. hoje, nossa empresa acabou de encerrar o feriado do festival da primavera e está pronta para entrar no novo ano. todos os anos hoje, nossa empresa realizará uma reunião matinal em grande escala uma vez por ano. após a reunião da manhã, os funcionários da nossa empresa se reunirão no portão da empresa para soltar fogos de artifício juntos para comemorar o novo início do novo ano. ao mesmo tempo, cada um de nós receber um chefe da empresa. abrindo envelopes vermelhos. de acordo com a gestão anual, teremos um jantar, mas porque os funcionários que voltaram para sua cidade natal para o ano novo chinês este ano são lentos voltar, pois o número de funcionários é muito pequeno, por isso não organizamos um jantar. todos os anos hoje é um destaque para nossa empresa. desejo a todos os novos e antigos clientes tudo de bom no ano novo.

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