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area de aplicação

A lft-g é uma equipe liderada por profissionais que atuam na indústria de plásticos há quase 20 anos. Somos especializados em design, pesquisa e desenvolvimento, fibra de vidro longa sob medida para os clientes; fibra de carbono longa; fibra de vidro longa e longa fibra de carbono; compósito de fibra especial. materiais podem ser amplamente utilizados na indústria aeroespacial, automotiva, militar; eletrodomésticos;

area de aplicação
  • PA66 injection molding filling long fiber composites nylon66

    PA66 injection molding filling long fiber composites nylon66

    With the continuous growth of the plastics industry, the market demand for plastics is getting higher and higher. In the production process of the product, the pa66 raw material of our Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co., Ltd. is added with long fiber, which is suitable for injection and extrusion processes. So what details should be paid attention to in the injection molding process of long fiber pa66? Consider the drying problem: the package is completely sealed and usually does not require drying. If there is slight humidity, it is recommended to dry in hot air at 80 °c. Melt temperature: 270 ~ 299 °c. Special additives require additional adjustment of the actual temperature. Mold temperature: It is recommended to be between 66 °c and 124 °c. The mold temperature will affect the crystallinity and effect of the finished product, and the crystallinity will affect the physical properties of the finished product. Adjust according to the mold structure. Injection pressure: usually between 34-124mpa, depending on the product structure, injection port position, injection temperature and other conditions. Runner and gate: It is best to use a hot runner. The rubber port should be larger without a hot runner, and vice versa. Other methods can refer to our technology. Pa66 has a higher melting point in polyamides, and can still maintain strong strength and rigidity at higher temperatures after modification. It should be noted that pa66 still has water absorption after molding, which should be noted in the selection of the use environment.

  • PP long glass fiber Composite tail door - plastic tail door

    PP long glass fiber Composite tail door - plastic tail door

    Polypropylene with long glass fiber PP lgf With the development of vehicle lightweight, modified materials have been applied to the interior, door, front circumference, seat and other parts of the car, and even a large number of modified materials have been used in the fuel tank, bumper and tail door of the car. The end of the rear door of the material has been from the traditional steel door, composite tail gate, all plastic end door direction. Now, all plastic tail inside of the door panels are long glass fiber enhanced PP + PP (LGF), plating and spoiler generally use PP long glass fiber or tpo, parts all use injection molding technology, made a series of car body parts and then are assembled by the special process. Long glass fiber reinforced PP, used in the rear door of the material density is around 1.5 commonly, can probably drop weight 1.3 kg, the other PP + additive dosage is less, long glass fiber materials have an advantage on voc detection, injection molding and extrusion molding process more efficient. Summarized above, using modified plastics in the car door, including PP, PA6, PA66, PA12, TPU, PEEK, etc., not only has good effects of weight reduction, and can save the cost of production.

  • fibra de vidro longa e polímero de fibra longa de carbono

    fibra de vidro longa e polímero de fibra longa de carbono

    fibra de vidro longa e plástico reforçado com fibra de carbono longa são materiais compósitos obtido reforçando duas fibras para a mesma matriz de resina. neste compósito híbrido, as várias fibras aproveitam ao máximo o desempenho e se complementam, tornando-o um desempenho versátil e versátil. o método de aprimoramento híbrido foi colocado em uso prático e é uma nova direção de desenvolvimento para o desenvolvimento futuro de materiais compostos. um novo tipo de material termoplástico híbrido; uma combinação de longas fibras de vidro e longas fibras de carbono para formar um material diretamente moldável que combina a resistência, rigidez e durabilidade da fibra de vidro.

Produtos quentes

A equipe do lft-g® possui um conhecimento combinado de 20 anos de composição, nossos engenheiros de projeto, materiais e processos estão sempre acessíveis para responder às suas perguntas e nosso parceiro estará presente para ajudá-lo em todo o ciclo de vida do produto.

polímero com fibra longa de carbono copolímero

copolímero de fibra de carbono longa polipropileno reforçado pp

o copolímero pp é um polímero cristalino não polar.polímero com fibra longa de carbono copolímerotem alta resistência química.
Com fibra de vidro longa Polipropileno Reforçado com 30% De Grau de Extrusão

Longa De Vidro Reforçado Com Fibras De Polipropileno Auto Peças

Nome Do Produto: Longa de Vidro Reforçado com Fibras de Polipropileno PP Virgem Grânulos; Ele é Longo, de Vidro Reforçado com Fibras de Polipropileno PP Virgem Grânulos.

Nylon-MXD6 com Longa em fibra de Vidro reforçada

Longa de Vidro Reforçado com fibras de Nylon-MXD6

MXD6 modificação é uma espécie de alta temperatura de nylon do material modificado.
PA12 com fibra de Vidro Longa de Poliamida reforçado

Longa em fibra de Vidro Reforçada com Poliamida (nylon )PA12

PA12 longa em fibra de vidro Temperado com poliamida é uma versão modificada de poliamida preparado pela mistura de uma resina de poliamida como um componente principal, a adição de borracha, elastômero termoplástico e resina.
fibra de vidro longa reforçada do sulfeto de polifenileno pps

pps de sulfeto de polifenileno poli reforçado com fibra de vidro longa

sulfeto de polifenileno pps é um novo tipo de material de resina resinosa térmica de alto desempenho

polipropileno copolimérico reforçado com resina de fibra de vidro longa

copolímero de fibra de vidro longa polipropileno reforçado pp

polipropileno reforçado com fibra de vidro longa copolímeroé um tipo de engenharia de materiais plásticos modificados de polipropileno reforçado com fibra de vidro longa;
polipropileno reforçado com fibra de vidro longa com homopolímero

polipropileno reforçado com fibra de vidro longa homopolímero pp

polipropileno reforçado com fibra de vidro longa homopolímero pp;

fibra de vidro longa do homopolímero do polipropileno é polimerizado a partir de um único monômero de propileno, com alta cristalinidade, boa resistência mecânica e resistência ao calor.

PA6 poliamida reforçada com fibra de vidro longa (nylon)

poliamida reforçada fibra de vidro longa de nylon pa6

PA6 poliamida reforçada com fibra de vidro longa (nylon) fibra de vidro longa reforçada pa6 material compósito preparado pelo processo de impregnação da solução.
últimas notícias

compartilhar com você parte do desenvolvimento de novos produtos da nossa fábrica, participação em fóruns do setor, treinamento, exibições e compartilhamento com exemplos de fóruns de alto nível patrocinados pela indústria.

  • 09-29


    The Mid-Autumn Festival, a traditional Chinese festival

    Today, we welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2020 with a light heart.Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation, but also China's legal festival. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, in order to enrich the entertainment life of employees, promote communication among employees, enhance team cohesion, reflect the company's concern for the staff, and let everyone have a beautiful and unforgettable Mid-Autumn Festival, we specially held pancake activities in the headquarters of Yangtze River Company. There was only one champion at each table, and amid the cheers, the sieve rattled, the sound of hope, the festive notes of joy.In addition, employees on business trips cannot go back to the headquarters to participate in the activities, can only give everyone a Mid-Autumn Festival gift. Pictures of Mid-Autumn Festival:

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  • 09-18


    As scheduled to the Chengdu Plastic exhibition, LFT-G are here

    The 14th xiangsu Exhibition in 2020 is in full swing.Although, this year was affected by the epidemic, the economic recession for a while, but the exhibition is still a sea of people.The new International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu, a city famous for its merchants from all over the world and its enterprise staff, was suddenly very lively. As Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co., LTD., which has entered the exhibition, we are a company specialized in producing long fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials. With a long history, we have our own production workshop and special laboratory, which can meet the requirements of different users for modification and modification of materials.If you are interested in our products, welcome to Hall 5, Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, we are waiting for you here. The exhibition time is three days, today is the second day, welcome to make an appointment, we will keep the appointment. Address: Hall 5, Chengdu Century Chengcheng New International Convention and Exhibition Center Time: 2020.9.17-19

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  • 09-16


    The 14th China (Chengdu) Rubber, plastic and packaging Industry Exhibition,lft-g invite you to attend

    China is a major country in the development of rubber and plastic industry in the world. The plastic industry develops rapidly and has broad prospects. The output of plastic products ranks among the top in the world.According to statistics, the total output of plastic products in China from January to October 2018 was 49.26 million tons, and the output of Sichuan was 3.18 million tons, ranking the seventh in China, ranking the first in China's first-tier cities and The first in the central and western regions. As a result, the plastic and packaging industry has a promising future to undertake market transfer. Recently, the 14th China Chengdu rubber &Plastic &Packaging function exhibition was officially opened, and Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co., LTD is also here.The Chengdu Xiangsu & Packaging Exhibition is the most professional and influential xiangsu exhibition platform in southwest China, as well as an important exchange platform for new technologies, new products and new processes in the xiangsu industry in southwest China.With the theme of "Environmental protection, intelligence, Innovation and opportunity", the exhibition will have more than 1,000 booths, with an estimated exhibition scale of more than 40,000 square meters and more than 600 exhibitors. The products on display at the exhibition are of great variety and variety.There are four exhibition areas, including raw materials, rubber and plastic machinery equipment, auxiliary equipment and molds, and plastic packaging machinery, etc. During the exhibition, different products will be displayed in different areas to provide customers participating in the exhibition with diversified choices, so that they can better compare and get the products they need. Xiamen LFT composite plastic Co., LTD are waiting for you in Chengdu China. Time:2020.9.17-19 Venue: Hall 5, Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center

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